DELL Servers

Dell's PowerEdge product line have different models which are available as towers, 19-inch racks or blades. In the current naming scheme, towers are designated by T, racks by R, and blades by M (for modular).

The 19" rack-servers come in different physical heights expressed in rack unit or U. Most modern servers are either 1U or 2U high while in the past the 4U was more common.


HP-E Servers

HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers, you can accelerate your business results with faster compute, memory, and I/O performance, coupled with increased storage and networking performance—including lower latency.

HPE ProLiant is available in three families: HPE ProLiant MicroServer family, HPE ProLiant ML family, HPE ProLiant DL family

To know more about information & specification of these servers, please send us a inquiry with the specification which you require.

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