Brand Protection System

Any Brand or Manufacturer has willingness to track if similar or copied product is in the market or not? Nowadays, either you can hear from word of mouth or any other manufacturer in another country has reverse engineered the product anyways; To fight this, organization requires to go through alot by inspections and which turns out to be very costly.

With our Brand Protection System, not only you can track and guarantee your customers that the product they are using is coming right straight from the original vendor but also deploy a marketing strategy that they receive loyalty points. A System which the customer can verify through SMS or our own customer's application where they can verify that the product is completely genuine

For more information & specification of the application, please contact us to arrange a representative to arrange a presentation for your organization

Stakeholders Features Benefits
Product Vendors Customer Mobile Application User Friendly Interfaces
Car Parts Manufacturer Inspector Mobile Application Customer can verify themselves through the mobile application or SMS Gateway
Jewellery Makers Administrator Portal Encrypted Verification Code Generation
Industrial Manufacturer Report Generation Loyalty Programs for Marketing